Do I Qualify for a Short Sale?

To qualify for a short sale the most important thing is you must owe more on your loan then the property is worth. Second, but not always mandatory be able to show some kind financial hardship. This could be:

– Major illness or medical expenses
 – Divorce
 – Death in the family
 – Loss of employment
 – Increased bills
 – Physical Injury
 – Higher living expenses
 – Investment Loss
 – Changing loan terms or loan payment increase
 – Concerning loan terms/High interest rate
 – Inability to save for retirement
 – Increased anxiety
 – Loss of home equity and inability to refinance

The financial hardship is not always mandatory. We had a client who inherited a underwater home and although he could afford to make the mortgage payments he simply didn’t want the property. We were able to successfully negotiate the short sale.

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